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Global and Regional Scrum Gatherings® are the flagship conferences of Scrum Alliance, the organization that provides the globally recognized Certified ScrumMaster™(CSM) certification. Regional SCRUM GATHERING® Vietnam 2015 will be one of the gathering conferences around the world in 2015, and the first gathering in South East Asia. This gathering will be held over two days in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with an estimated 250 participants.

Some highlights:

  • The first gathering of Scrum Professionals in Vietnam and South East Asia
  • Well-known speakers from Agile and Scrum community in the world
  • Focus on experience sharing, practical experience and innovation in Agile adoption to varying level of knowledge pools
  • Cover a wide spectrum of activities including open space, scrum clinic, lightening talks, workshops and many more


In collaboration with Scrum Alliance, Regional Scrum Gatherings in Vietnam are conceptualized and hosted by volunteers from Agile Vietnam, a non-profit organization of Agile enthusiasts and practicers. Agile Vietnam regularly organizes meet-ups and conferences for the community in Vietnam to learn together. More detail about us, please visit http://www.agilevietnam.org

Theme and Track / Scrum in Action!

In line of our theme “Scrum in Action!”, the event would feature Workshops, Open Space and Scrum Clinic. Participants could learn knowledge and experience from world class speakers, share and have consulting with those experts face – to – face. Applying Agile for offshoring which currently has big attention from current software development in Vietnam also would have shown multiple directions expectation.


Agile Champions will execute workshops and talks about transformation for team and organization from small team to scaling up Scrum and distributed teams.

Scrum Clinic

You are apply Scrum/Agile and you have some uncomfortable or difficulties, ask our expert and experiential speakers. As participants, you will be able to talk to experts face to face. They will clarify your confusions, share experience and knowledge. Certainly you will even learn from failure cases.

Open Space

Open Space is one way to enable all kinds of people, in any kind of organization, to create inspired meetings and events. In Open Space meetings, participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions around a central theme of strategic importance, such as: What is the strategy, group, organization or community that all stakeholders can support and work together to create.

Agile for Outsourcing / Offshoring

Talks about applying Agile in offshore in both sides would be an important part of this Gathering. Experience and expectation from vietnamese companies and their clients from Japan, US, etc. would be shared.

Schedule / Updating..

Event Speakers / Meet with greaters

Chris Shayan

Head of Engineering

Huy Nguyen Tuong

Lead Architect

Dao Anh Duc

Senior Team Lead

Michael Feathers

Senior Trainer, Mentor and Consultant

Mitch Lacey

Coach and Author at Mitch Lacey & Associates

Kiro Harada

Senior Consultant at Attractor Inc.

Sebastian Sussmann

CIO, Axon Active Vietnam

Stanly Lau

Agile Coach at Odd-e

Stuart Turner

Agility Consultant, Director, Odd-e

Alexandre Cuva

CEO at SmartDev LLC, Agile Coach and Trainer

Thao Phuong Dang

Senior developer, Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Dang Minh Ngoc

Senior Energy Ball, ThoughtWork

Bui Thi Phuong

Agile Practitioner

Hoang Anh PHAN

Organization tinkerer

Chris Kruppa

Chief Magician at Evecco

Rajesh Kumar

Agile Coach, Consultant

Takumi Tsunokake

Agile Practitioner

Nguyen Ba Thang

Scrum Master, DEK Technologies VN

Aman Deep Garg

Agile Coach in Barclays

Hiep Le

Very Normal Developer

Rohit Arora

Agile Coach

Event Sponsors / Our Sponsors



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We would like to suggest you some hotels to stay during the workshop Regional Scrum Gathering Vietnam in 2015. ➢ Pullman Saigon Centre (Venue) Add: 148 Tran Hung Dao Boulevard, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Tel: +84 8 3838 8686 Fax:


Pullman Saigon Center Hotel
148 Tran Hung Dao, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

For more information, feel free to contact us sgvn@agilevietnam.org or 

Ms. Ha +84 993 961 344 (Scrum Gathering)

Mr. Hiep: +84  908 339 486 (Scrum Gathering & CSM)

Ms. Yen: +84 937 654 686 (yenth@hca.org.vn)

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Organizers & Volunteers / Meet the team

Tai Huynh

Chair, Agile Vietnam

Hiep Le

Very Normal Developer

Khanh Phan

Board Member, Agile Vietnam

Phuong Nguyen

Board Member, Agile Vietnam

Nhung Nguyen

Board Member, Agile Vietnam

Doi Pham

Board Member, Agile Vietnam

Ty Van

HCMC Computer Association

Tuan Vu

HCMC Computer Association

Yen Tran

HCMC Computer Association

Thinh Nguyen

Graphics Designer, Kyanon Digital

An Tran

QC Engineer, Kyanon Digital

Ha Dinh

Marketing Executive, Kyanon Digital

Trinh Ngo

Account Executive, Kyanon Digital